• Wireless Network

Partnering with leading vendors such as Planex PCi


Mobility at work is becoming significant for many enterprises now. Ability to move around an office or building while still maintaining a network connection to a mobile PC is paramount if some enterprises are to achieve the efficiency required. An indoor wireless network solution can meet an organization's mobile communications needs without the need to re-wire a building.

The finalization of the IEEE 802.11 worldwide standard for wireless LANs, and the resolution of technology issues relating to dynamic network addressing and security, have interested to make wireless networking a real productivity tool for corporations.

Now, employees sitting in a conference room or visiting a branch office can have high-speed instant access to all the network resources instead of being tethered with limiting wired LANs or slow, expensive dial-up connections.

We design and build indoor wireless network solutions to cater for some organizations' needs for building a quick method of connecting different sites without having to utilize a copper or fiber infrastructure.



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