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Building a LAN or WAN backbone network has become far more complex. Today's backbones need to be built to a tight budget while providing the capability to meet organizations' networking needs.

The past decade in network development has been dominated by progress in two main dimensions, namely: size and speed. However, networking is evolving along a new trajectory today, requiring progress in dimensions that include traffic control, security, and management.

At ME COMPUTER, we are able to design a network backbone that meets not only your current needs, but also the future needs, helping your existing network migrate from desktop-centric client/server environments to Intranet -- Internet technology applied to LANs -- with sound traffic control, security and management capabilities,

In addition to building a LAN , ME COMPUTER also has rich experience in setting up multi-services WANs that consolidate the various voice, data and video.

Concerning the network traffic of WAN, it is crucial for an organization to build an efficient WAN infrastructure; otherwise, the communication costs will increase dramatically. 

One way to minimize the WAN cost is to consolidate the various voice, data and video networks into a single full-service network. ME COMPUTER has been building such networks since our inception and we have developed specific skills that will enable us to build a full services network for your organization.



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